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About Siparex

Our business is to provide equity financing to SMEs, to help them expand or complete buyouts, and to create value while helping managers apply their strategy

Expertise : Siparex creates tailored financing and ownership solutions for small and mid-sized companies and their managers :
> Growth capital : financing for investments, increasing shareholders’ equity, acquisition financing in France and abroad.
> Minority or Majority Buyouts : owner buyouts (OBO), assistance to beneficiaries of transfers of ownership, sales of minority interests, management buyouts (MBO), management buyins (MBI).

We have €1.5 billion in assets under management from a wide range of financial, industrial, and private investors.

Dedicated investment teams each specialize in one particular segment.

We have a multi-regional presence, with 8 offices in France and others abroad (Madrid, Milan, Munich, Euro-Mediterranean region).

Our achievements include more than 1000 investments completed.

Key info
Founded in:
Siparex ETI

Siparex ETI


XAnge is now the Siparex Group’s innovation finance brand, following its merger with XAnge Private Equity in 2015. The team has specific expertise in IT, advanced industrial technology (such as cleantech and optics), and societal impact. It maintains close ties to the French and European entrepreneurial ecosystem thanks to a double presence in France and Germany that sets it apart.

Thanks to its faithful and committed network of institutional, corporate, and banking partners, it is contributing to the growing computerization of society by serving as the liaison between start-ups and major groups.

Investee Profile:
> Companies with a high growth potential, preferably at the beginning of the commercial phase of their operations, and with international ambitions
> Sectors: IT, advanced technologies, impact investing, cleantech/medtech
> Unit investments ranging from €0.5 million to €10 million
> 75 portfolio companies

Siparex Small Caps

Siparex Group’s Small Caps business specializes in local private equity, working with early-stage midmarket companies as well as those undergoing expansion or being sold.

Thanks to its offices in Lyon, Paris, Lille, Nantes, Besançon, Dijon, Strasbourg, and Limoges, Siparex Group is permanently in direct contact with local entrepreneurs. It also puts its fund management know-how and experience at the disposal of sponsors of private and public-sector regional investment funds.

Investee company profile:
> Sales < €40 million
> Unit investments ranging from € 0.3 million to € 3 million
> 230 portfolio companies

Siparex Mezzanine

As a continuation of the Group’s private equity investment business, Siparex launched a mezzanine finance fund in 2015 to invest in large midmarket and smaller intermediate-sized companies. Siparex Intermezzo (with a target of €100 million) plans to participate in deals alongside sponsors outside the Siparex group, in sponsorless deals, and in mezzanine growth deals.

It will benefit from Siparex Group’s unique regional coverage and its top-notch support network for investees.

Investee company profile:
> Sales ranging from €10 million to €200 million
> Various business sectors
> Unit investments from €2 million to €10 million (or more, in the case of co-investments)

Siparex Midmarket

Siparex sets the standard for financing midmarket companies and independent closely-held SMEs. The Group has 35 midmarket companies in its portfolio and can arrange syndications of up to €50 million to meet their growth needs.

Investee company profile:
> Sales of over €15 million
> All business sectors
> Unit investments ranging from €2.5 million to 40 million (and syndications of up to €50 million involving other financial investors)
> 70 portfolio companies

Investment strategy:
Siparex makes minority or majority investments in midmarket companies in order to satisfy their various financing needs:
> expansion financing
> sales of minority interests
> or transfers of ownership by investee company managers.

Investment decisions are based to a large extent on the company’s industrial plans and on the quality of its management teams.

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